Our Mat, Our Mission

Our Mission:

'To make mindful practice of acupressure a part of the worlds daily routine, to play a small part in the lifting of collective consciousness of humanity.' 

Why Mindfulness Mats:
We strived to bring to the market an affordable, high quality & planet friendly mat that encompasses the fundamental acupressure principles in one beautiful, life altering mat.
Where does Mindfulness Mats come from?
Originally used by Gurus in the practice of Healing and Meditation,  The ‘Bed of nails’, now known as Acupressure, has been in practice for well over 2,500 years and many studies cite that this medical form may have been practiced in China in a rudimentary form up to 7000 years ago.  
Ways to use the Mindfulness Mat:
The application of using the Mat includes relieving pain, balancing body energy and maintaining good health.  Acupressure's healing touch has proven to reduce muscular tension, increases circulation, and enables deep relaxation. You can learn self-care applications and pressure point formulas for specific conditions, such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic muscular pain, mental stress, addiction recovery, learning disorders, trauma, emotional imbalances and more. 
Beauty Treatment:
Although now more popular in the Western world, Eastern medicine have used acupressure points as a beauty treatment for thousands of years. Acupressure beauty treatments can enhances muscle tone and increases circulation. Activating the correct Acupressure points can improve skin condition and the tone of facial muscles and connective tissue. This can lessen the appearance of wrinkles without drugs or surgery.